Difference between Saving and Investing – A video

March 3, 2014

I got this video link in my mailbox from Franklin Temepleton India. Found it useful so sharing with you people.


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Claiming money from a deceased person’s Bank account

February 23, 2014

This post is a real life example and solution provided in a discussion in our Facebook group discussion. The original query was, how to claim money from bank account if the depositor has died andnomination has not been registered.


Now interestingly an offshoot query was also posted in the group based upon the above discussion and below is the same.



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Public Provident Fund forms

August 5, 2013

Many a times people search for the correct form to be used for various services of PPF. Here in this post I’m compiling the forms for PPF. The source of these forms is indiapost.


Form A – This is the PPF account opening form. You need to fill it at the time of opening your PPF account in Post Office or Banks.

Form B – This is the deposit form. Your deposits into your PPF account can be done by this form at the counter of Post Office or in Banks.

Form C – This form is your withdrawal form, to be used whenever you want to withdraw from your PPF account.

Form D – This is loan form. whenever you want to avail loan from your PPF account, use it.

Form E – This is your first time nomination enrollment form for your PPF account.

Form F – This form is to be used for cancellation/variation in your existing nomination

Form-G¬†–¬†This form is to be used to claim the amount of PPF lying in a deceased person’s account by his/her legal heirs/successors/beneficiaries.

Form H – This form is to be used for continuation of your PPF account after first 15 year block & after every 5Y block.

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