Asking right questions

Many readers of this blog are aware of PV Subramanyam. He writes a blog Many a times, he has asked to readers on asking right questions  to the advisers or planners or agents or sellers of financial products. Why does he say so?

My dear friends, personal finance is also about asking the right questions. Below is an old joke. Please read and understand it.

Two men went into the church and questioned to father.

Man 1 – Father, I’m drinking my glass of wine and suddenly, there is a desire within me to remember God, to pray him. Should I do it?

Father’s Ans. – My dear Son, God can be remembered any time. Please feel free to do so.

Man 2 – Father, I’m praying to God, remembering him and suddenly there is a desire within me to have a glass of wine. Should I do it?

Father’s Ans. – How dare you to do it? When you are in prayer, you should only remember God and nothing else.

Joke is over. Can you people get the point, this joke is about? Both the men were doing the same thing. Mixing drinking and prayer. Yet the answers to both were different.

Now go out and search for right questions within you, so that next time you get the right answers.

3 Responses to Asking right questions

  1. Mainsha P says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article
    It was really useful
    Enjoyed the details and ideas.
    Keep up the great work!!!

  2. IamNoSpecial says:

    I think, asking right questions is the crux of personal finance

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