Financial Planning for WHOM? The Myths and Realities – 3

Regarding the Financial Planning, there are many myths in the minds of the common investor public. I’m trying to discuss some of these here. This is the Third Article in this series.

Myth no. 3:-

I need a perfect product/insurance policy/portfolio/MF for my financial planning.


There is nothing called perfect. All of us pay too much attention to be perfect but forget the core thing. Nothing is Ideal or perfect in this world. No matter how hard you try to get perfectness, critics ‘ll still find something here or something there missing in you. Do not believe me. Just check the lives of so many stars. Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Mahatma Gandhi & many more. Can you say with 100% surety that all these stars are perfect? Let me share you a story here. Some of you may be already aware of it.

 Father & Son:-

Once upon a time, a father & a son were riding a horse & going somewhere.

son father

On the way, few people met & commented –

“Look at this Father Son Duo, both are so strong & healthy & still riding a poor horse. The horse is facing so much pain.”

The Father & Son duo, heard the comment, discussed & it was decided that father ‘ll walk & son ‘ll ride the horse. After few miles, some more people commented –

“Oh! look at this selfish son. Father is old & weak, yet he is walking & son is riding. Actually Son should walk & father should ride the horse.”

The duo decided accordingly & Son started walking & father sat on the horse.

Few miles down the path, some more people met & commented –

“Oh! look at the selfish father, the son is so young & still walking whereas the father who is quite strong should walk.”

The duo listened & decided that both should walk. After few miles down the path, final comments made to the duo.

“Look at the fools. They are having a horse & both are still walking instead of riding the horse.”

Story ends here. I do not know what the father son duo did after that final comment but can you draw a parallel from this story to your own financial planning? There can not be a common perfect situation or perfect thing for all of us. The requirements of each of us are different. So instead of focussing on a perfect thing, we should act on what is good for us. This Good can be merely good, can be better or can be the best for us. The important thing is, take a decision. Not taking a decision & waiting endlessly for a perfect thing is not going to help you. If you wait endlessly for that perfect thing, actually you are missing the chances to convert simple things into perfect for you.

So what’s your take on this article? Can you face your own Myth for ‘Need of Perfect Thing’ now?

2 Responses to Financial Planning for WHOM? The Myths and Realities – 3

  1. Kapil Tiwari says:

    One should begin the journey; fine-tuning can be done enroute 🙂

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