Financial Planning for WHOM? The Myths and Realities – 2

Regarding the Financial Planning, there are many myths in the minds of the common investor public. I’m trying to discuss some of these here. This is the Second Article in this series.

Myth no. 2:-

To start my financial planning, I need a large corpus from which I ‘ll invest here & there & thus I ‘ll be able to do my financial planning.


Again the truth is on opposite side. You do not need to wait for a one big sum to start your financial planning. Life is all about taking small steps. How? when you were a kid, did you started writing full sentences from day one of your school? No. You were first familiarized with the alphabets. Then the work started on writing the alphabets. then some plain simple words & slowly, you were shifted to write down sentences & later on for full paragraphs. It took a lot of time. At least 4-5 years of your Pre & Primary schooling to reach from identifying alphabets to writing paragraphs.

Same is the case with Financial Planning. One needs to start small. Start simple. But the most important thing here is START. START now. As the tagline of NIKE says


So no matter, where are you standing in your life, start taking simple & small steps towards a worry free financial life.

So what’s your take on this article?  Can you face your own Myth for ‘Need of Big Corpus to Start’ now?

6 Responses to Financial Planning for WHOM? The Myths and Realities – 2

  1. Vikram Gupta says:

    Thank you for wonderfull article. people really want simple way to learn how save n compound money. early start is very prectical n powerful tool to be rich.
    give some suggetion what type of planning done for retirement at age 50

    • ashalanshu says:

      Dear Vikram, thanks for writing in. Are you asking to retire @ age 50 or planning for person age 50, wants to retire @ age 58 or 60?

      Please clarify.



  2. Jeetu Jordon says:

    Well portrayed Ashal . I still remember when i asked query about my 1st M.F investment and you guided me very well . Thank you for wonderfull article. Awaiting for part 3.

    Jeetandar Ojha

  3. Kapil Tiwari says:

    I love the way you are imparting lessons in small but potent doses! Thanks for that! Many of us remain in “denial mode” in regard to financial planning. The ignorant rich believes he is rich and has a perennial resource of funds, hence he needs no financial planning. The ignorant poor convinces himself by thinking he has too measly a corpus to warrant any planning!

    From your last article and today’s article, it is clear that financial planning is for each one of us and the time to begin planning is “now”, whatever be the corpus.

    Thanks, Ashal.

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