Financial Planning for WHOM? The Myths and Realities – 1

Regarding the Financial Planning, there are many myths in the minds of the common investor public. I’m trying to discuss some of these here. This is the First Article in this series.

Myth no. 1:-

There is a common myth in general public, Financial Planning is for Riches, not for us, the less privileged ones.


This is actually the reverse. The so called riches may or may not require the financial planning at all but the people who are facing scarcity of the resource (money), needs the financial planning than any other. Please do tell me – If you are passing through a desert, ‘ll you think for water conservation (the water you are carrying with you) or when you are sitting near a river or pond & think for water conservation? Answering it is simply simple. Please do note, I’m not recommending that the people who are having rivers or ponds of their own, may splash/consume water at their will. No they also need the conservation for their future generations as well as for the betterment and upliftment of the whole society.


I hope by now the answer to the question, “ Financial Planning to Whom?” is clear to you. It’s about you. You need it. Need it today. Need it now. Now you may ask, what to do for financial planning? From where to Start? How to do? Last but not the least, With whom to sit & ask for guidance to do it properly? Relax. Over the next few articles, slowly you ‘ll get the answers for all these questions. Please be at calm with yourself. That’s the first thing you should adopt to make your financial life happy & worry free.

The Ant & The Grasshopper:-

All of us had read or heard the old story of an Ant & a Grasshopper. What was the lesson we all learnt from that story?

ant & grasshopper

Work Hard & save for a rainy day when things are not smooth for you. Now compare it with Financial Planning. The Ant in the story was not only doing hard work during summer days but also saving & investing her resources to be used later on. This was a classic example of FINANCIAL PLANNING on part of Ant. The end result of the story is known to all of us. Should I repeat it here? Of course not. Now can you draw some parallels from this old story of Ant & Grasshopper to your own life? Answer honestly now. Who are you? Ant or Grasshopper?

So what’s your take on this article? Can you face your own Myth for ‘Need of Financial Planning’ now?

4 Responses to Financial Planning for WHOM? The Myths and Realities – 1

  1. sivaprasad says:

    Very nice. My friend believe – FINANCIAL PLANNING is for rich and another friend believe- I am rich and so I do not need any PLANNING. I believe it is for every one. I tried to change them, but failed. I will let them read this blog. Thank You Ashal


  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Kapil, thanks a lot.

  3. Kapil Tiwari says:

    It is clear that Financial Planning is for everyone and it is in each one’s interest to save for rainy days. So well and so simply expressed by you, Ashal!

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