Gold Survey: Conclusion


Dear friends, thanks for your responses for my gold survey. Here are some pointers from your responses.

Male v/s Female:- Only 3% respondents were female. Interesting but can be understood from the fact that less women are connected to me on Facebook or Gmail.


City wise Participation:- Again Banglore & Hyderabad were the toppers here due to high concentration of Techies.

Facebook v/s Google:- FB won here hands down as 93% respondents were from FB.

Gold for you is:- Now this one is interesting. Please look at the chart below.

Marriage related expense was the highest choice. obviously but the next highest choice answer was Easily understandable investment. Interestingly a rare breed was there of thinkers – Gold is a must Evil.

Gold Buying on Special Day:- Here a majority of people are not interested in a specific day (like Akshaya Tritiya) Gold purchase.

Media & Market hype:-  Here again all most all the respondents were unanimous in choice.

Good day for selling:- Here majority of respondents were either have no idea or not thought for it or for a dire needy day. No clear cut winner here. So no day could be selected from all of you to decide as a good day to sell gold.

Gold in Next 1 Year:- Here the responses were near equal to all the 3 possibilities offered in the question, price go up, go down or remain same.

I thank again to all my friends who participated in this survey as respondent & help me to get this data.

What’s your take on gold now? Can you decide something for gold purchasing/investing now? Was the survey or outcome of the survey was helpful to you in anyway. Please feel free to discuss your views, comments.

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