Set off of LTCL from Shares against LTCG of Debt Funds

Six Tata Steel preference shares (FV Rs 100 each x 6 = Rs 600) were converted into one equity shares on 01 Sep 2009 by Tata Steel @ Rs. 417.10 (Equity Share closing price on 01 Sep 2009). Earlier the preference shares were alloted on 22 Jan 2008. Thus there is long term capital loss of Rs. Rs 600 – 417.10 = 182.90. Since this was done off market, no STT was paid.

Is it right to consider this loss for offsetting against LT gain from Debt Mutual Funds ( where no STT was paid)?

– Vinayak Bapat

Dear Vinayak, As per the given info, you can set off your LTCL from conversion of Pref. shares against LTCG from Debt fund.



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