Revised proposals of Direct Tax Code

Income Tax

Dear Friends, here is a quick view of the new proposals of Direct Tax code.

1. PF, PPF, GPF, EPF, NPS & Annuity Plans as well as proceeds from Term plans (Pure Life insurance) ‘ll be Tax free as per E – E – E. So no Tax at withdraw from these instruments.

2. Home loan Interest benefit on 1.5L Rs. for self occupied property, is retained.

3. The list of permitted savings intermediaries now includes most of the current saving instruments lile – apart from the instruments listed in point 1 above, NSC, ULIPs & Traditional Plans,  ELSS, Bnak Tax saver FDs, Bonds (Possibly Infrastruture bonds)  etc.

4. Long Term capital Gains from shares & Eq. MFs ‘ll become taxable.

5. No clarity as of now for the earlier proposed Tax slab rates.

This Revised Discussion Paper is available on the following websites: and
Responses to the Revised Discussion Paper should be sent online through the link provided at these websites or at the following e-mail address: Responses are solicited upto 30th June, 2010.



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