Tax calculation for STCG on STP from Liquid fund to Equity fund

Q. – Dear Friend,

i have been reading ur post quite long time. please advise on this.

I would like to know the Tax treatment on STP transaction. My transaction are ::

Invested Rs. 49,999 in DSPBR MoneyManager fund on 10th of Dec 2008. Registered STP in DSPBR top 100 equity fund.

started STP from 7th of Jan 2009 for Rs. 4000 every month. so till date total 4 instalments totalin 16000 has been transfered to top 100 equity fund. i understand tax treatment for equity fund. but not for liquid fund. The profit i made each month is

7th jan = Rs. 43
7th Feb = Rs. 57
7th Mar = Rs. 60
7th April = Rs. 65

I would like to know the tax treatment on liquid fund. if there is any tax how it will be taxed(like i need to add in my salary income or some % i have to pay).

If i dont show these incomes to IT Department(i think very few Retail investor use to show these incomes) what will happen.

Waiting for ur reply.


Dear amit, ur STP transactions from Liquid fund to Eq. fund r ok.

The tax treatment is as below.

For Transactions b4 31st of march 2009, the same `ll be treated at STCG & `ll be added to ur income from all other sources & `ll be taxed as per ur tax slab rate in the prev. FU i.e. 2008-2009.

So for total STCG = 43+57+60 = 160 Rs.

As per ur Tax slab the Tax `ll be =

@ 10.3% slab = 17Rs.
@ 20.6% slab = 33 Rs.
@ 30.9% slab = 50 Rs.
@ 33.99% slab = 56 Rs.

Ur April onwards STP `ll be taxable in the same manner for ur income in the current FY i.e 2009-2010.

I hope the message is clear to u now.



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    ashalcould u explain concept of HUF

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