STCG & Income Tax liability

I am a salaried employee with annual salary of 6 lac/annum. I was involved in the following trading in the NSE stock market. I want to know the STCG and the income tax liability. Please help in determining the exact STCG and tax on it.

Trade-1 – Bought 10 shares of Reliance Industries on 20-05-2008:
Rate per share: 2100
Brokerage: 157.50
Service Tax: 19.50
STT: 26.25

Trade-2 – Sold 10 shares of Reliance Industries on 25-06-2008:
Rate per share: 2200
Brokerage: 165
Service Tax: 20.40
STT: 27.50

Dear, Here is the calculation u asked for. (Plz. note STT \\`ll not be considered for purchase or sell price)
A. Purchase price = 2100*10 = 21000
B. Brok. + service tax = 177
C. Net purchase cost = A+B = 21177
D. Sell price = 2200*10 = 22000
E. Brok. + service Tax = 185.40
F. Net sell cost = D-/e = 21814.60
G. net STCG = F – C = 637.6 Rs.
H. Tax on STCG @ 15.45% (as shares were sold thru recognized stock exchange & STT was paid at the time of sell)= 98.51 = 99 Rs. only


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